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As part of our ongoing commitment to Sustainability, we have developed a Sustainable Art program.  In all that we do within the company, we aim to re-purpose and recycle materials that are labelled as ‘waste’.  At Western Tree, for example, we salvage tree trimmings and removed trees and re-purpose the wood.  An abundant supply of consumed waste material allows us to create one of a kind ‘Sustainable Art’ pieces.

Income generated by Sustainable art sales is donated back into our ‘Plant a Tree, Make Our City Cool’ Program that was launched in 2008.  This program is taught to elementary school students and highlights the importance of planting trees in urban environments. We believe it is our responsibility to be “In Partnership With Mother Nature”.

How do we create these One of a Kind pieces?

Throughout the busy landscape season we reduce our carbon foot print and save usable materials such as old fences, steel wire, or fallen trees. Our crafts people then create ‘one of a kind’ handmade pieces.

What is the end result of repurposing?

  • Bird Houses
  • Fall and Winter Planter Baskets
  • Steel Garden Art
  • Chalkboards
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Coasters
  • Gift Tags which can be used for wedding favors
  • A variety of Christmas decorations
  • Arbors and pergolas
  • And much more!

Where can you purchase Sustainable Art?

We are at the Springer Market Square in downtown Kingston on Tuesdays and Thursday all season!

Seasonal Craft Shows: keep up to date on these events through our Facebook page

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