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General Information

Find out why so many schools are participating in PAT MOCC’s program. Sign-up here or read more about the program and our mission.

Ontario EcoSchools

The “Plant a Tree, Make our City Cool” program engages students to become environmentally responsible by taking action and participating in “school ground greening”.

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Elementary school students in Grade 6 (5/6 or 6/7 split) classes. This program can also be geared to community groups of any age who are interested in learning about the important of planting trees.

Western Landscape Services’ certified Arborist / Horticulturist and his team teach students, through a class presentation, the importance of trees in an urban setting. Following the presentation, students will help plant one mature native tree in their school yard. Each student will be given a seedling to take home to plant at a location of their choice.

The program runs every year, five schools in the spring and five schools in the fall.

The program will be held on the grounds of participating schools in Kingston and the surrounding area.

The program is free! Dedicated sponsors supply the trees, seedlings, and educational materials.

Educating our future generation about how trees increase the quality of life. Bringing nature to our back yard enables us to “understand how nature is a part of us – not for us”.

Western Landscape Services will:

  • Provide a fun and educational in-class presentation to students.
  • Provide and plant one 10’ to 12’ mature tree on school property.
  • Suggested ‘native’ trees include: Maple, Oak, or Spruce.
  • Give each student one seedling to plant at a location o f their choice .
  • Provide students with written instructions on how to care and nurture their seedling.
  • Provide support materials for ongoing classroom discussion on urban/forest awareness.
  • Encourage students to feel exited about TREES!

What we ask of the school:

  • Approximately 2 hours of class time.
  • Submission of online application.
  • A location to plant the tree on school property, free of all underground utilities. Location is verified by our Arborist.
  • Commitment to care for the tree one year after it is planted.
  • Support for ‘Plant a Tree, Make our City Cool’ campaign!
Western Landscaping worker explaining to a kid how to plant trees.
Students digging with shovels to plant a tree.

Plant a Tree Registration

  • One per line please
    By checking the box here your school agrees to participate in ‘Plant a Tree, Make our City Cool’ project during the Spring or Fall as outlined in this brochure. Permission is granted for Western Landscape Services to plant a tree on the School’s property per information provided in this brochure. The School shall choose the location for the tree, and shall ensure that it is on school property and free of all underground utilities. The School releases Western Landscape Services of any damage that may occur on School property.