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Western Landscape Services follows a creative design process that keeps you directly involved. A consultation meeting will be held to determine if a complete or partial property landscape plan is necessary. You will be presented with a computer generated, hand rendered layout plan accompanied by any necessary details and a plant list. A landscape design fee will be determined based on the scope and size of the project.

Every element is crucial when planning a landscape. In our mission to be sustainable, we strive to develop environmentally conscious landscape solutions. We aim to incorporate the use of native, hardy plant material, locally supplied materials and stone products, storm water management principals and to preserve any tree canopy coverage that may be existing on site. We believe that aesthetic features (patios, walkways, pools, decks, etc.) should meet the functional needs of the site as well as be a unique work of art for your enjoyment.

Yes, we are a design / build company. Scope of work estimates will be provided. Upon approval of the estimate a contractual terms and agreement form is carried out.

Yes, we guarantee all materials and workmanship as per our contractual agreement.

We offer consultation as per appointment. The vision may be best laid out in design format.

Planning stages may begin immediately although scheduled work may begin in sequence of incoming contractual work and as per weather conditions.

The team at Western Landscape Services are certified and trained in the field or sector of which they have been employed.

Plant material thinning, shaping, plant revitalization, varies as per plant species in the right time of the season based on your ‘tree maintenance program’ site specific.

Yes, we offer a full service department in residential and commercial sites from lawn/bed maintenance, to mature tree management. We consider the wants and needs of each property to a contractual mutual agreement.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and ecologically sound programs are essential in maintaining an environmentally friendly balance with nature. We offer organic products. Biodiversity is a major consideration and sustainable products are a key factor.