Western Landscape is proud of the community in which we serve. On a Yearly basis we aim to visit 10 schools to educate students about the importance of trees in urban environments. This school in particular was lots of fun as we had two of our arborists compete in a climbing competition in the school’s gymnasium! As you can see the in the video below, the kids were BEYOND excited. Not only does this make me happy students were engaged in an activity we put on for them, but I hope that this will spark our future generations interest in a career in the arboriculture field.

Did you know that an Arborist aka. ‘Lumberjack’ is ranked number 1 for most dangerous job? To many of us who sit at a desk 8 + hours a day, this may sound frightening! Who would want to risk their life everyday at work? On the contrary, to a young student in a classroom who doesn’t particularly ‘thrive’ in a classroom learning environment, a career in the trades may be their calling. Working in the trees is exciting, fast paced, physically demanding, and mentally challenging.

As part of our ‘Plant A Tree, Make Our City Cool’ presentation we like to educate and promote a career in Arboriculture. Perhaps one day, we will have the opportunity to hire an Arborist who was inspired by Pat Mocc in his/her elementary school class.

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