May 13, 2016

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Witness the Explosion of Spring


Spring, such a beautiful exciting time for us nature lovers.  It often feels like winter drags on through so much of our Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere but it really is a remarkable experience as the outdoors come alive once again.   One thing that I particularly enjoy is all of all the beautiful flowers that come with Spring.  I want to take this time to educate you on the subject of ‘Flowers’ yes, you will always associate Spring with the beautiful Daffodils and Tulips…but what about all the deciduous trees that produce beautiful flowers as well? Many tree flowers go unnoticed.

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple). It is often over looked how beautiful Sugar Maple flowers are as they sometimes, blend with the young emerging leaves in Spring.  A fascinating fact about Sugar Maples is that they don’t flower every year. Our head Arborist Paul, says that through research, it is undermined exactly what triggers a Sugar Maple to flower, it can happen every few years sometimes even every 5 years, and there is no concrete evidence as to what exactly triggers the flowering.  Following the flower you will see thousands of tiny seedlings below the canopy  of Acer saccharum.  Unfortunately around here (Kingston), it hasn’t flowered in a couple of years. I have posted a photo of  the Sugar Maple flower that our Arborist took in 2014, the last time the Sugar Maple flowered.

You will be surprised of how many trees are in bloom right now.  I challenge you to take a closer look at the trees that are leafing  out and see if you can spot the flowers. Hint: They are usually green! Happy Spring!

Spring - Season for nature lovers