Apr 3, 2016

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Pat Mocc Goes International!


To kick off this years first Plant a Tree Make Our City Cool program we decided to travel a really far distance to deliver an educational session to some super cute pre-kindergarden students.  We went all the way to the American School of Guatemala! Well, not literally, but digitally we were able to deliver a great version of Plant a Tree Make Our City Cool.  The focus of the presentation was geared to how ‘Trees are Cool’.  Given the circumstances of using Skype we had to make sure it was really interactive to keep the kids engaged.  Pat Mocc went over his super cool safety equipment, which the kids LOVED…especially the big saw (OOOOoooooo Ahhhhhh). He also brought in many samples of different branches from around our head office which they found particularly fascinating because no branches at this time of year had any leaves, this is something the children only associated with a dead tree in the warm climate of Guatemala.   The class was filled with giggles and many questions about being an arborist who climbs trees!  We even got to see some of the student’s awesome drawings of Pat Mocc and trees!

IMG_7784     IMG_7796     IMG_7788     IMG_7779

Typically, following our presentation on the importance of trees in an urban environment, we donate a large native tree that we plant out in the school yard.  The class are engaged in this activity and everyone helps plant the tree.  It’s a really team effort that creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the students,  this results in those students caring and protecting their tree in the future years to come.  In our Guatemalan edition, some wonderful parents from the class donated a native tree to the school in which the kinders got to plant themselves, safety hats and all!

IMG_7842          IMG_7847

We are so thankful for Rachel Vandertol (aka. Miss V), who is the pre-kindergarden teacher we know and love very well.  She is teaching abroad in Guatemala and coordinated this event!  Thank you for all your hard work Rachel, we miss you!

In closing, there is no age too young or distance too far that we can’t spread the word about the importance of trees in our urban environment.  Increasing tree canopy coverage and educating our future generations about the benefits of trees needs to spread globally to continue to make a difference.  We only have one planet, so together let’s look after it!

Pat Mocc new achivement: international goals!