Mar 8, 2016

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Outdoor Schools

pat mocc school tree planting program

One thing we at Western Landscape Services are passionate about is educating our future generations about the importance of trees in our urban and natural environments.  We encourage getting in touch with Nature whether you are young or old!

A study according to authors of a recent AAP statement stated the average 8-year-old spends eight hours daily using different forms of media (computers, tablets etc.) This number is even higher for the average teen!  My point here, is not only does screen time need to be monitored in the household, but perhaps different forms of learning in schools is the answer to lowering screen time for our youth.  Learning can be done outside, in Nature.

An amazing thing is happening in North America with the growth of outdoor schools.  Outdoor schools focus on learning in different environments than a class room, for preschool specifically, outdoor schools completely boycott the idea of sitting at a desk and all discovery and learning takes place outside- where kids belong!  They have the freedom to get dirty and explore.  This allows young children to activate all their senses like smell, texture, touch, and taste (be careful with the tasting though!)  Why not learn outside?

Western Landscape Services is actively encouraging students to get outside and be in touch with Nature, we do this through our Plant a Tree, Make Our City Cool school program.  Each year, Pat Mocc goes to 10 schools and educates Grade 6 students about the importance of trees in urban environments.  Students then participate in the planting of a large donated tree on their school property and also get to take home a donated tree seedling.  In our experience, the students love getting outside and planting the tree in rain or shine.  The kids always have so much energy and it makes me realize how critical it is for children to be outside, not only so they can burn some of that energy off but also to reconnect them with Mother Nature.

For more information on Outdoor Schools check out this link from Upworthy which explores numerous outdoor schools in the United States: 7 Forest Schools From Around the Country

Pat Mocc in action! Teaching our future generations that trees are good! 

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