Feb 23, 2016

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What Does ‘In Partnership with Mother Nature’ Mean to us?

We care for mother nature

Our mission statement here at Western is ‘In Partnership with Mother Nature’ this something we refer to everyday. It is the foundation of our business practices and principles.  In order to effectively follow our mission statement we depend not only on management but also our crews out in the field!

During the busy season, we have monthly safety/ team building meetings where we review safety policies and discuss topics related to the industry. For one particular meeting in the summer I decided to ask all our staff ” What does being In Partnership with Mother Nature mean to you?” The response I got was amazing! The crews sent and shared so many great photos of wild life and nature that they came across in the field. I couldn’t believe some of the animals these guys were encountering on the job! I can’t help but share some of these fun photos with you. Enjoy.

Little rabit tiny baby squirrel palm hand baby squirrels nest large turtle sustainable landscapers large turtle shell sustainable builders sustainable landscaping snake tiny toad cute thumb Little shy squirrel Squirrel in the area! robins nest tiny blue eggs neon green caterpillar baby robin chicks nesting

Arborist- Not just any job!


Western Landscape is proud of the community in which we serve. On a Yearly basis we aim to visit 10 schools to educate students about the importance of trees in urban environments. This school in particular was lots of fun as we had two of our arborists compete in a climbing competition in the school’s gymnasium! As you can see the in the video below, the kids were BEYOND excited. Not only does this make me happy students were engaged in an activity we put on for them, but I hope that this will spark our future generations interest in a career in the arboriculture field. read more →